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Scymyn makes iot a reality

As digital transformation increases, the deployment of intelligent automation has the potential to increase connectivity, improve processes, while creating better solutions to real world problems. Scymyn exists to create the breakthrough in your “next big thing”. Welcome to our world, where a customised approach and collaborative thinking can make your industrial automation ideas a reality. Together we can achieve anything with IoT.

Why Choose Scymyn

We monitor

Scymyn monitors real world variables that improve decision making while delivering lasting change through the power of industrial automation and IoT.

We ensure productivity

We elevate your production levels by alleviating machine to machine based information, while increasing decision making power.

We do convenient automation

By automating the mundane, you can get repetitive tasks done quicker, easier and faster. Resources are then freed up, to drive improved use of intellectual capital, while streamlining control.

We take control

Home and Business automation puts control of your world back into your hands, from absolutely anywhere.

smart industry solutions



The adoption of IoT solutions into the smart agriculture sector is growing exponentially, as farmers integrate cutting-edge technology to bring about great efficiencies of scale, cut costs, and save on human and environmental resources.

smart waste management

IoT, infused in waste management helps to provide cities and municialities with a real-time visibility of of waste generation and collection. Using data-driven decisions, operators can create intelligent waste lifecycles, while reducing costs and optimising routes.

smart transport

The introduction of the Internet of Things (IoT) into the transport industry has transformed how connected devices gather and interpret data, ultimately improving efficiency and outcomes for companies, transport providers, commuters and customers. 



IoT enables real-time tracking and monitoring of important assets deployed in security operations, providing enhanced and remotely-accessible features such as smart identification, firearm tracking and vehicle-in-transit visibility. 


All sensors and devices installed by Scymyn feeds into a centralised platform with easy customisable dashboards, given you real-time data and full visibility. 
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