smart agriculture

Growing efficiency in agriculture: from smart greenhouses to crop, equipment and livestock monitoring and analysis   


Smart agriculture builds upon existing farming methods, providing the sector with the infrastructure to leverage cutting-edge technology – including data analytics, cloud computing and the internet of things (IoT) – to track, monitor, automating and, ultimately, improve operations. From the assets that farmers use on a daily basis, to tracking of livestock and real-time crop management, technology offers the unique opportunity to change the way agriculture operates, for the better. 

IoT technology acts as the catalyst to make agriculture more connected and intelligent, offering a centralised platform to make quick, informed decisions, leading. The adoption of IoT solutions into the agricultural sector is growing exponentially, as farmers integrate smart technology to bring about great efficiencies of scale, cut costs, and save on resources. The future of farming is smart; driven by tried and trusted farming methods, aided by the technology to make it more effective and efficient, all year round.  


how we implement smart agriculture


By tracking and monitoring the machinery and equipment used in your agribusiness, farmers have total control and visibility over the quality and condition of their key resources. By installing sensors into your equipment, Scymyn allows you to detect factors such as engine condition, humidity, temperature and wear and tear, allowing you to carry out predictive maintenance when required. With an alert system notifying you of any risks and hazards, smart asset management helps farmers to avoid catastrophic breakdowns while ensuring that your assets are always working at optimum condition for your business


As a livestock farmer, it is essential that you have a complete and constant view of our entire herd of livestock, at all times. However, through changing grazing patterns, sudden birthing and the threat of predators or thieves interfering with your livestock, the task becomes impossible to manage, in person. Through Our IoT Solutions, we solve the complexities of animal tracking, with further benefits of monitoring the health and well-being of your animals. By gathering information on a central platform, farmers can remotely oversee animal locations while monitoring the health of each animal, allowing you to identify and anticipate any risks, dangers or unusual patterns of behaviour.


In the food and dairy production industries, storage tanks and silos play a crucial part in the product life cycle. However, manual checking of tank quality and stock levels can often prove both time-consuming and ineffective. Can you afford not to know what’s going on inside? Smart IoT solutions, installed by Scymyn give farmers a real-time insight, not only of their stock levels but also environmental conditions conducive to optimal productions. By fitting IoT technology to remotely monitor your silos and tanks, you can ensure that you never run out of stock, reduce time and costs, while maintaining the perfect conditions for your product to flourish.


Traditional crop management is a labour intensive effort that involves extensive inspection of soil quality, irrigation, pest control and many other factors which can affect your harvest yield. Through IoT sensors, farmers can now track and monitor the current health and water-levels of their crops from anywhere. With access to real-time monitoring and push notifications, farmers can detect any changes in environmental conditions allowing them to respond quicker to any anomalies that may affect their crop yield. By analysing available data and identifying patterns, farmers can continuously improve crop management strategies to maximise future harvests.


Drones have become an essential tool for large farmers, by surveying large areas of land at a fraction of the time and cost of manual intervention. As drones have become more affordable and easier to operate, their full network capabilities provide farmers with real-time data and insight into crop and livestock quality. This, in turn, allows drones to effectively spray crops and irrigate your land while conducting extensive crop screening to ensure that your harvest yield is being maximised.


A smart greenhouse brings the traditional agricultural system together with IoT technology to grow crops quicker and better while using fewer resources in the process. With many variables affecting plant growth, the modern farmer needs to have access to data and insights, to ensure that the right climate, irrigation and harvesting systems are in place. Smart IoT provides an infrastructure to remotely monitor and maintain your greenhouse, allowing you to develop predictive models for optimising your yield rates.


Smart Agriculture is ScyMyn’s full turnkey solution for the agricultural sector, which integrates telematics, sensors, and various telecommunications technologies alongside traditional processes. 

By capturing and analysing critical data, while providing a centralised platform for the farmer to monitor his key variables, Scymyn offers agricultural pioneers a 360 view of their entire farming process. Our goal is simple; to help our farmers to get the best out of the soil, grow top-quality produce and rear healthy livestock, all year round, powered by IoT Technology. Explore how Scymyn puts you, the farmer, in complete control of your operations.  

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