smart transportation

South Africa’s freight and logistics industry is one of the biggest contributors to the country’s GDP, estimated at 11.8%. IoT can make a significant difference in accelerating growth in this sector, by analysing real-time conditions to optimise behaviors and routes.

smart transport

Transport, in all its form and functions, has a major impact on the day-today lives of businesses and residents of every city, town and village since the dawn of existence. It affects everything from logistics, to personal happiness, to the environment. Smart Transport is the next generation of logistics and mobility and has been integrated into the connecting blocks of smart cities worldwide.

The introduction of the Internet of Things (IoT) into the transport industry has transformed how connected devices gather and interpret data, ultimately improving efficiency and outcomes, for companies, transport providers, commuters and customers. While vehicle tracking might seem like an age-old concept, the vast increase in connected devices has added a whole new dimension to transport connectivity. While your current technology might be concentrating on the current position of your fleet, what is stopping you from tracking and tracing your precious cargo onboard? Across the entire transport infrastructure and lifecycle, IoT technology can generate new efficiencies and improve outcomes for all stakeholders.

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Smart Fleet Management

The starting point for the deployment of IoT in smart transport focuses on fleet management. Through the use of sensors and in-vehicle devices, Scymyn can gather information for clients about vehicle condition, along with fuel and driver behaviour. Vehicle condition monitoring can provide valuable advance information to minimise breakdowns and logistical delays. Real-time access to this critical information ensures that required maintenance can be easily detected and carried out. IoT solutions on driver behaviours also allow companies to analyse speed and braking patterns while monitoring time between journeys.

Supply Chain Management

As a product goes through the various stages of shipment, it can be difficult to accurately monitor large volumes of products, which are eventually transported to unique final destinations. IoT deployed for smart transportation by Scymyn is capable of providing real-time data about the location of goods while identifying any anomalies which may signal theft, delays, or driver errors. Using IoT in supply chain management allows companies to anticipate demand for, and supply provision of fast-moving consumer goods. From stock order to final shipment, the entire process can be optimised to reduce costs, while boosting overall profits.

Inventory Management

The use of IoT technology has also shown to improve overall warehouse management. Space management is often identified as a key area in inventory control; the deployment of smart sensors allows companies to optimise space and locate specific packages. Partnering with Scymyn to install sensors in your warehouse is an optimal way to automatically trigger orders when your current supplies reach a minimum amount while assisting with space management. Through the use of RFID sensors tagged on products, warehouse staff are automatically notified of dispatch, and can then continue to monitor its ongoing journey.

Predictive Maintenance

The upkeep of machinery is key to sustaining any warehouse or logistics centre. Predictive maintenance was traditionally carried out based on the age of machinery, which can often prove ineffective due to the sudden nature of most errors. Scymyn integrates machine learning into the area of predictive maintenance by searching for patterns and repetitive scenarios in real-time, to determine any potential issues and future errors. Overall, adopting smart transport helps to maintain the optimum condition of systems and devices.

Real-Time Monitoring

Ensuring that all stock is in the right truck and on the way to the right destination is the bread and butter of logistics. As companies deal with massive, moving volumes, a huge amount of time and resources is spent on ensuring smooth operations. Smart transportation automation, through IoT sensors, are your lifeline for real-time tracking and management of your goods. RFID sensors use radio waves to determine the current position of your stock, along with relevant product details and destination information. RFID sensors deployed by Scymyn have a distinct advantage over traditional scanning, as they can be operated wirelessly. Progress Data can be uploaded to your database allowing you real-time access to your inventory from anywhere.

Customer Order and Delivery Tracking

IoT solutions provide the added value of improving customer service while managing the delivery process. The real-time information which is continuously monitored can be communicated to the end customers, assuring them that their product is being shipped effectively. Overall, the benefits of upgrading to smart logistics can be felt at every level of the supply chain.


All sensors and devices installed by Scymyn feeds into a centralised platform with easy customisable dashboards, given you real-time data and full visibility. 
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